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I live in a big city with hubby, Munchie (3) and Bear-Bear (almost 1). I enjoy taking the kids to the park, reading, swimming, singing the alto part to Palestrina masses, and painting.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Variations on a Theme: C is for Cookie

Most of my generation is familiar with the Sesame Street classic that Cookie monster sings. (If you're not, or if you'd like to reminisce, you can listen to it here). Munchie's grandma has a Sesame Street DVD featuring this song, and he has been singing it a great deal lately. He has also taken to improvising new verses, for example:

"C is for Fire truck, that's good enough for me!"

Since he doesn't yet read, we will allow for creative spelling, however, he does sometimes get it right, as is evidenced by the following:

"G is for Grandma..."

and my personal favourite:

"G is for Garbage, that's good enough for me!"